Västerbergslagens Ingeniörsklubb - VBIK

VBIK History

Västerbergslagens Ingeniörsklubb (VBIK) was formed on 8 June 1922 by chief engineer Karl-Erik Eriksson, as a "meaningful association of mining technicians and electrical technicians". The first gathering was held on September 2 in the Freemasons' Hall, Gustavsberg in Ludvika, with 65 members, who listened to a talk on the topic: "Are there prospects for an early improvement in the current economic situation?"

Until the 1940s, the business consisted of technical lectures, often with a subsequent supper at the Järnvägshotellet. Examples of lectures given: "The Volvo car, a few words about Swedish automobile manufacturing" (director Assar Gabrielsson) and "Technical basic features of the mercury rectifier" (Uno Lamm).

During the 40s, the meal was simplified and the so-called discussion evenings occurred for a few years.

In 1945, professor and Nobel laureate Hannes Alfvén gave the well-known lecture "Extraction of the energy of the atomic nucleus". He also visited VBIK in 1961 and then spoke about "Plasma Physics".

In 2022, VBIK celebrated its 100th anniversary with a celebration on September 17 in Folkets Hus in Ludvika and the publication of the book "Technology development in Västerbergslagen". The 100th anniversary is summarized in "VBIK 100 years".